“On the new earth enjoyment will replace wanting as the motivating power behind people’s actions”.

Eckart Tolle - "The new earth"

Story & Philosophy

Hey! We are Paloma & Martin, surf and yoga teachers founders of Alma Soul & Travel company, dedicated to create bespoke travel adventures fulfilled with soul touching experiences :)

It all started one day back in 2016 when we decided to follow our dream by organising all inclusive journeys for people to experience body-mind-soul connection while traveling to stunning places in the world.

Why? Because we believe in TRAVEL to be the biggest school you can attend in life. Traveling gives you perspective.

Getting out of your confort zone teaches you how to be tolerant and understanding. It gifties you with TIME- the precious time we all run out of within our hectic busy lives. With Time, you have the possibility to reconnect with your own SELF and discover the voice of your passions and dreams.

After traveling for so many years around the globe, separately and together, meeting amazing new people and cultures, we experienced so much joy and personal growth that we felt the need to share this philosophy of living with YOU  :)

Alma is a wellness travel agency, created to organise intimate slow, sustainable and boutique travel experiences to different places in the world carefully curating logistics & details so that you, can relax and enjoy. Our trips are for people looking to make a positive impact on their lives; for people willing to disconnect from their worries and open up to a unique & meaningful experience. With us you will discover true traditional cuisine, sustainable community tourism, visit amazing destinations and enjoy the benefits of an active life whilst connecting with nature and it's magnificence.

Alma Soul & Travel
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