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“On the new earth enjoyment will replace wanting as the motivating power behind people’s actions”.

Eckart Tolle • "The new earth"


We believe in travel & adventure to be the life changing experiences we all want in our lives. Daring to get out of the comfort zone into remote places of this world will bring alive that audacious wanderer lying within your soul.
Discovering who you truly are is the very beginning of a life full of meaning and joy.

Story & Philosophy

Hello! We are Martin & Paloma, the creators Alma Soul & Travel. It all started when one day, in the Caribbean water, giving a surf class to the students of the hotel where I worked, I realized that I was going to turn 30 and it was time to "throw myself into the pool" and return to Chile with all the knowledge I had acquired during so many years of travel. After having lived in places like Australia, Barcelona, ​​the Dominican Republic and having traveled as a vagabond through India, Indonesia and Nepal, I felt that there was a beautiful destination and home waiting, Chile. After having met Martin on one of these trips, we began to launch ideas and dreams of how to design, carefully, adventures and trips to wonderful places in Chile. We decided to choose to share our love and passion for Surf and Yoga, two disciplines that changed our way of life forever. Martin being an instructor of Yoga with international certification and I as a Surf Instructor with more than three years of experience abroad, we began to contact all our friends to create a tourist package that included every corner and unmissable detail of areas far away from the great capital. Finally we have created Surf, Yoga & Outdoor trips with the motivation to share the secret of a body and mind connected through movement and good company, with unforgettable moments wrapped in nature in uniquely majestic places.

Alma soul & travel

- The company -

Alma is a Chilean travel company, created to organize intimate travel packages to different places in the country, where we will take care of all the logistics and organization so that you, your family and friends can relax and enjoy. Our trips are for people looking to make a positive impact on their lives; for people willing to disconnect from their worries and open up to a unique experience. With us you will discover true traditional cuisine, visit amazing secret places and enjoy the benefits of an active life full of laughter and connection, as we live it.

“The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self”.  

Albert Einstain.