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If you have been delving into the depths of yourself, your relationships, and your life path with the intention of making a change, living more purposefully and powerfully, then this retreat is for you!  Our location (the driest desert in the world) has been chosen as a special place to step back, out, and away from the distractions of everyday life to really hear the voice of Spirit from within and without.  This will be an opportunity for each of us to truly liberate ourselves from past limiting beliefs, step into our full power, and be the bright lights illuminating the path to the future. We hope you will join us!


El desierto de Atacama, el desierto más árido del mundo y está situado entre dos cadenas montañosas, los Andes y la Cordillera de la Costa chilena.

San Pedro de Atacama creció, durante siglos, alrededor de un oasis en la Puna de Atacama, una árida meseta que domina el volcán Licancabur. Sus primeros habitantes fueron los Atacameños, quienes desarrollaron cestería y artesanías en cerámica que ahora pueden ser apreciadas por visitantes y turistas. Hay varias actividades para aventureros en el área de San Pedro de, como: trekking, escalada, avistamientos arqueológicos, astronomía y recorridos de exploración en paisajes naturales y asombrosos.


An Astrological Vision Quest in the high plateaus of Atacama !

Jupiter, the planet symbolizing the expansion of consciousness through the understanding of natural law, has been transiting Scorpio since October of 2017.  At the time of this retreat he will be emerging out of the shadows and into the light of the wisdom-bearing sign of the Archer, Sagittarius.
There is no more potent time in the 12-year cycle of Jupiter than now to review and release our past, seek a new, expanded vision of our purpose here on earth, and return to our lives to manifest it.


↠Day 1: 
  Arrival - Airport pick up and Check in 14:00 pm onward, San Pedro de Atacama
  7:00 pm - Gathering for instructions & Welcome Dinner.


↠Day 2: 
  8:00 am - Breakfast
  9:00 am -
Workshop, Astrological review of the Signs, Planets, and Houses in preparation for understanding our own and each other’s charts/soul purpose.                    “Yoga of the Zodiac,” prior to lunch, will use music and movement to “feel” the archetypes.
 1:30  pm - Lunch
  3:00 pm -
Workshop, Begin “mini-readings” of each participant’s chart with each participant sharing a short biography of themselves including why they                         came, what they are seeking, and setting their intention for their quest.  Kaypacha will “mirror” what he is seeing/hearing and assist each person                     in this process of preparing for the overnight under the stars. In addition to preparing you for your personal vision quest, these mini-readings,                         side by side with people sharing their biography, are one of the best ways to learn astrology and chart reading!

  7:00 pm - Dinner
  9:00 pm - Stargazing Tour.


↠Day 3: 
  7:30 am - Kundalini Yoga 
   8:30 am - Breakfast

   9:30 am - Workshop, “The Age Factor”  Kaypacha will take you year by year through a human life span and explain the astrological aspects which reflect                       the challenges for growth that occur naturally with age.  These cycles of becoming will shed additional light on the events that have occurred in                     your past and give you a glimpse of what to expect when.

  1:30  pm - Lunch
   3:00 pm - 
Workshop, Continue with “mini-readings” and the sharing of biographies and intentions
   7:00 pm - Dinner

↠Day 4:

   7:30 am - Kundalini Yoga 
   8:30 am - Breakfast

   9:30 am - Workshop, Finish “mini-readings” and the sharing of biographies and intentions.

   1:30  pm - Lunch

   3:00 pm - Workshop, prepare for your night out under the stars, scope out the surrounding territory before dinner and choose your spot.

   6:00 pm - Dinner/ Off to Desert night quest!

↠Day 5: 

  Sunrise - Everyone returns from their desert journey to relax and warm themselves by the fire.
   8:30 am - Breakfast

   9:30 am - Workshop, Sharing our Vision:  This day will be spent sharing what visions, insights, revelations, and future goals came to us on our quest.  This                     sharing is an important part of the process. By hearing yourself speak the truth of your experience you validate it (along with the group), clarify                       it, and make it real.  Afterwards it is easier to write your future intentions and mission statement possibly including a timeline!

  1:30  pm - Lunch

   3:00 pm -  Workshop, Continue sharing visions with fire ceremony when complete. 

   7:00 pm - Dinner & Gathering, Circle sharing, singing, drumming, poetry etc. (everyone shares something!)

↠Day 6: 

  6:00 am - Full day excursion pick up/ Tatio Geysers/ Breakfast/ Trekking Guatin Valley/ Lunch/ Free time at Puritama Hot Springs
   7:00 pm - Dinner

↠Day 7: 

   7:30 am - Kundalini Yoga    

   8:30 am - Breakfast

   9:30 am - Closing circle and farewell

  1:30  pm - Lunch at village restaurant and departures


Join Kaypacha and a select group of individuals who are ready and willing to face themselves on the deepest of levels, you will receive breath and meditation instructions to assist you in receiving direct transmissions from the planets (spirits) themselves and retreat into the mountain desert for a full night’s vision quest (alone), open yourself to receive new Spirit guidance, vision, and purpose for your life!

Daily Kundalini Yoga practices in order to connect with the present moment based on gentle movements to awaken the body and soul.


La casa está situada a 3.200 mt2 de campos de alfalfa y árboles nativos como el Chañar y el Algarrobo. Este hotel boutique ha sido especialmente diseñado para que te sientas como en casa y fusionado con la arquitectura y la cultura del desierto del norte.

Habitaciones privadas individuales, dobles o triples con baño privado, piscina, jardines, comedor común, parrilla y áreas de descanso.


Beside meeting the local people and their handcrafts at the village, we will get a full day excursion exploring around the famous Tatio Gaysers fields, the Guatin valley and a relaxing afternoon at the Puritama Hot Springs.

Together we will get to explore amazing places like El Tatio, a geyser field with over 80 active geysers and walk along the vast desert of Atacama. Our tours are made to discover and understand the living of the local villages from the Andes people.


Daily buffet breakfast consisting of a variety of fresh and local bread, fruits, juices, milk, scrambled eggs, coffee, tea, cakes & sweets.

We will bring our amazing local chef for us to see and experience the preparation of traditional authentic meals using only local and seasonal ingredients. Each of these meals can be customized for vegetarians and/or any other dietary need.

Our meals will include only traditional Chilean dishes for you to experience authentic local cuisine.


Si deseas seguir divirtiéndote en tu tiempo libre, hemos enumerado un par de actividades locales para ser organizadas fácilmente.
Como un viaje al Salar de Uyuni en Bolivia, visitas astronómicas al observatorio A.L.M.A, recorridos en bicicleta, sandboard, aguas termales naturales, visitas guiadas al volcán Licancabur y más.

USD  $1,800

USD  $1,890


 • Six nights stay at boutique house hotel San Pedro de Atacama

• Airport pick up/drop off
• All meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

• One full day excursion to Tatio Geysers, Trekking and Hot Springs Puritama
• Kundalini Yoga practices led by Kaypacha (all equipment provided).

• Full Astrological workshop led by Kaypacha
• Astronomy night tour
• Alma's welcome package
• Photo package of your most memorable moments.
• All our help, advice and smiles throughout your stay with us !

-Relaxation massage
-Optional activities

-Prior nights in Santiago


Valores por persona

Double room

(Twin beds or one King size/ 2 people)

USD  $1,990

Triple room

(Single beds or one double and one single/ 3 people)

USD  $1,900

*Let us know if happy to share with other solo traveler

NOTE: let us know about any dietary requirements, we are happy to please your preferences.


- International/Internal airfare.
- Travel insurance.

- Visa, passport and taxes fee.
- Staff tips

- Optional activities and personal expenses.
- Meals and alcohol other than specified above.


(Important, please read)