A soulful experience & a handcrafted adventure


JULY 2021

This is the empowering journey you have been silently looking for, a women's soulful travel at the heart of the richest and oldest cultures in the world. We invite you to join our co-founder Paloma on this heart opening experience into Africa's beats and rhythms while enjoying the festivity vibes of the famous Oguaa Fetu Afahye street festival, volunteering with the Global Mamas NGO and merging into the Elmina village, friends and family culture.

Honouring the lineage of who is connecting us to the Ghanaian culture is one of the most important bonds and source of respect, identity and loyalty for their families.


Co founder Paloma Agliati first joined Wild Moves back in 2015 while living in Torquay, Australia. A collective of community willing to embrace and contribute to cultural diversity through traditional African drumming and dancing founded by Jacquie Akosua Tweba Dreessens, Australian born wild woman who had the duty to connect cultures after her own experience being introduced to her Ghanaian family in Elmina town back in 2001.
We will honour this connection by visiting the Elmina village at Swanzy Yard and being acknowledge by the Mensah-Brown family.
The old lady of the house will lead the two ceremonies which will introduce us into their family as part of their own. Naming Ceremony to being welcomed into the world as a new born baby and the Puberty Ritual to celebrate the adolescent stage when this baby girl enters womanhood.

"I honestly became a different woman when first joined Wild Moves. It opened my heart, my soul and my body bringing up a power in my voice I've never heard before "

- co founder Paloma Agliati


A full traditional and vibrant African drumming & dancing workshop lead by Appiah Annan born Ghanaian artist.

Appiah who now resides in Melbourne, Australia, initiated Asanti Dance Theatre in 2003, a project with a few artists living and training together on the beach to an internationally recognised 15 piece drum and dance theatre company helping the lives of many young men and women in the community.

These artists will teach us the relation of the rhythms, songs and movements to the Mother Earth and all natural elements involved. 

With original local drums and clothes we aim to make you feel free and wild as the days passes and we heal and re-connect with the wild woman inside.


We'll share our time with the people at two different NGO's by learning traditional handcrafts from empowered local women and helping with the kids vegetable garden at the Dawurampong village.

Global Mamas founded in 2003 with the mission of creating prosperity for African women and their families helping them to do the work they love creating and selling unique handcrafted products of the highest quality and being empowered by financial independence having the opportunity to support their families, send their children to school, improve their health, and save for the future.

Nkabom founded by Appiah Annan and his family at his home village Dawurampong initiated to overcome the high rates of unemployed young and giving them better training and skills to when they go seek work at the cities. This visit will give us a real sense of traditional living and practices within the area.


As travelers, we know the importance of connecting with the local people & culture believing this is a way of understanding evolution and change.

↠ We will have the opportunity to witness and participate of the Fetu Afahye annual festival run by the people and chiefs of Cape Coast for over a week, which tells the story, celebrates the overcome of a devastating plague thanks to the help of their Gods.

↠ A full day visit to the protected Kakum National Park to see some endangered mammals such as forest elephants, bongo antelopes and primates like the Diana monkey.

↠ Day trips to the Cape Coast Slave Dungeon and to the Elmina Castle and Heritage walk will help us introduce ourselves more into the history of the city and its people.

↠ A full afternoon spent with Appiah's mother and family while learning how to cook (and try!) delicious traditional dishes.


DAY 1:
Arrival     -  Pick up at Kotoka International Airport, Accra.
6:00pm   -  Welcome gathering & Dinner.

DAY 2:
8:00am   -   Breakfast
9:00am   -   Workshop - African drumming & Dancing "Encounter your wild" & Yoga release
1:00pm   -   Lunch
3:00pm   -   Cape Coast Castle tour & Market visit
7:00pm   -   Dinner

DAY 3:
8:00am   -   Breakfast

9:00am   -   Workshop - African drumming & Dancing "Encounter your wild" & Yoga release
1:00pm   -   Lunch
3:00pm   -   Naming Ceremony & Elmina Town
7:00pm   -   Dinner

DAY 4:
8:00am   -   Breakfast
9:00am   -   Workshop - African drumming & Dancing "Encounter your wild" & Yoga release
1:00pm   -   Lunch
2:00pm   -   Guided visit to the Fetu Afahye opening festival & free dinner night

DAY 5:
8:00am   -   Breakfast

9:00am   -   Visit to the Dawurampong Village and Nkabom NGO (work with the kids in the garden)
1:00pm   -   Lunch
2:00pm   -   Traditional cooking class with Appiah's mother at her home in Dawurampong Village
7:00pm   -   Dinner with the family

DAY 6:
8:00am   -   Breakfast

9:00am   -   Workshop - African drumming & Dancing "Encounter your wild" & Yoga release
1:00pm   -   Lunch
2:00pm   -   Free afternoon & free dinner night

DAY 7:
8:00am   -   Breakfast

9:00am   -   Workshop - African drumming & Dancing "Encounter your wild" & Yoga release
1:00pm   -   Lunch
3:00pm   -   Batiking making workshop with the Global Mama's NGO
7:00pm   -   Dinner

DAY 8:
8:00am   -   Breakfast

9:00am   -   Full day tour to the Kakum National Park (box lunch included)
7:00pm   -   Dinner

DAY 9:
8:00am   -   Breakfast

9:00am   -   Workshop - African drumming & Dancing "Encounter your wild" & Yoga release
1:00pm   -   Lunch
3:00pm   -   Head Wrapping workshop with the Global Mama's NGO
7:00pm   -   Dinner

DAY 10:
8:00am   -   Breakfast

9:00am   -   Puberty Ritual Ceremony - Elmina town
1:00pm   -   Lunch
6:00pm   -   Final Presentation
7:00pm   -   Dinner

DAY 11:
8:00am   -   Breakfast

9:00am   -   Closing gathering
1:00pm   -   Lunch
2:00pm   -   Free afternoon/ Festival Closing & free dinner night

DAY 12:
8:00am   -   Breakfast
9:00am   -   Departures & Drop off at Kotoka International Airport
, Accra.


Cape Coast is a vibrant fishing port and home to 32 different street festivals, with long empty beaches and colorful lively markets!

Our home for the entire trip is a modest, quiet and comfortable guest house in Cape Coast city only walking distance from the main markets, beaches and where all the festivities will be happening during our stay.
On our free time you can wander around to try some of the local delicious restaurants and to meet the welcoming hearts of the people on the streets. This is the most famous city in Ghana well known for it's friendly and laid-back vibes, so just relax and enjoy it!


Traditional fresh meals, cooked locally for us and customised for all our special needs!

Prepare to delight yourself by tasting some of the most special and unique flavours and dishes our local friends will make for us every day. They will only use local and fresh ingredients creating beautiful dishes for us to dig into the culture through taste, aroma and originality!

*All vegetarian and vegan options provided


• Pick up and drop off at Accra International airport

• 11 nights accommodation
• Full African drumming & dancing workshop (instruments provided)

• All meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner (3 free nights)
• Local experience and cooking class with Appiah's mother at Dawurampong village
• Two workshops with the 
Global Mamas NGO (Batiking making and Head wrapping)
• A full day volunteer with the kids at the 
Nkabom NGO in the Dawurampong village
• Guided visits to the markets and the Fetu Afahye street festival

• Full day tour to the Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Slave Dungeon and the Elmina Castle     (entrance ticket included)
• Ceremonies & Rituals: Naming Ceremony & Puberty Ritual

• Special gifts.

• Photo and video document package of our journey,

• All our help, advice and smiles during the trip and beyond!


(rates per person)

Single  room

(private bathroom)

$3,190 us
Single  room

(shared bathroom)

$2,790 us


(please read)

NOT INCLUDED: International/Internal airfare, Travel insurance, Visa, passport and taxes fee, Vaccinations fee, Optional activities and personal expenses, Staff tips, Meals and alcohol other than specified above.

NOTE: let us know about any dietary requirements, we are happy to please your preferences.