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  18-27 NOVEMBER 2020   

An exploration retreat experience sheltered by soaring mountains, bright blue glaciers and golden pampas. Come and adventure Torres del Paine National Park in Chile’s Patagonia region and explore the wisdom of the stars within the protected wild life region at the last tip of the world! 


 Patagonia is a sparsely populated region located at the southern end of South America, Chile. The region comprises the southern section of the Andes mountains as well as the deserts, pampas and grasslands.

Torres del Paine is a national park encompassing mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers in southern Chilean Patagonia. The Cordillera del Paine is the center piece of the park located 112 km (70 mi) north of Puerto Natales city. 
The park is one of the 11 protected areas of the Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctica, together, the protected forested areas comprise about 51% of the land of the region.


Standing in Our Truth

While Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have been traveling together throughout the year, at the time of this workshop they are at their closest.  This conjunction not only reflects the massive changes occurring in our world at this time, but gives a deeper meaning to those events and to our lives.  It is time for each of us as individuals to stand strong and tall in our own truth and model that truth for the coming generations.  This truth, our soul path and purpose, is shown in our astrological birth chart.  We will begin our work delving into this Sprit/Soul intention and move forward using the current planetary transits to see how, when, and where those intentions will best be made manifest.  If you wish to know and master the world, know and master yourself.  This will be the foundation stone for our time in nature, yoga, community, and learning the wisdom of the stars.

A Yogic Astrological Journey with Kaypacha


↠Day 1: 
  Arrival    - Airport pick up and Check in 16:00 pm onward, Puerto Natales Airport.
  6:00 pm - Gathering for instructions & Welcome Dinner.
                   After dinner, Kaypacha will present 
“What the #$%& is Goin’ On?” – an Astrological Overview
                   of 2020 – 2021” This 2-hour exploration (Pele Report!) will give a framework for our study together.

↠Day 2: 
  8:00 am - Breakfast
  9:00 am -
                  After breakfast, Kaypacha will take us through the 12 signs of the zodiac, using description, mythology, movement, and music.  Following a                        review of both the planets and houses we will begin deciphering the natal birth chart.

  1:00  pm - Lunch
  2:00 pm  - 
Workshop, Begin “mini-readings” of each participant’s chart with each participant sharing a short biography of themselves including why                           they came, what they are seeking, and setting their intention for their quest.  Kaypacha will “mirror” what he is seeing/hearing and assist each                     person in this process of preparing for the overnight under the stars. In addition to preparing you for your personal vision quest, these mini-                       readings, side by side with people sharing their biography, are one of the best ways to learn astrology and chart reading!

  7:00 pm - Dinner

↠Day 3: 
  7:00 am - Kundalini Yoga 
   8:00 am - Breakfast

   9:00 am - Workshop.
                   Following kundalini yoga and breakfast, we will explore the soul journey as reflected in the sign, house, and aspects to Pluto, the south node                     of the Moon, and the Moon herself.  Kaypacha will bring his interpretations of Pluto through different signs and houses as the theme that your                     soul has been working on in the past.  The south node of the Moon describes how and where you have developed this “theme,” and the                             Moon is the “character” you have developed, the ego of this lifetime.

  1:00  pm - Lunch
   2:00 pm - 
Workshop, Continue with exploring the future soul intention as reflected in the sign and house opposite to Pluto and how we use the north                           node of the Moon to get there while mastering the archetypal nature of the sign rising at birth.
   7:00 pm - Dinner


↠Day 4:

   7:00 am -  Breakfast
   8:00 am -  Full day Tour "Active Torres" (Box lunch included)

   7:00 pm - Dinner

↠Day 5: 

   7:00 am - Kundalini Yoga 
   8:00 am - Breakfast

   9:00 am - Workshop.
                   We will take the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction through the 12 houses of the chart and show how the conjunction will work in different ways                       for different people.  We will then look at the aspects to other planets that they are forming in individual participant’s charts.  Through                                   personal sharing, questions, answers, and discussion, each participant will receive personal insight that will also help everyone in the group                       to further interpret their own natal chart and transits.

  1:00  pm - Lunch
   2:00 pm - 
   7:00 pm - Dinner

↠Day 6: 

   7:00 am - Kundalini Yoga 
   8:00 am - Breakfast

   9:00 am - Workshop
                   Continue with the study of the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

  1:00  pm - Lunch
   2:00 pm - 

↠Day 7: 

   7:00 am - Kundalini Yoga    

   8:00 am - Breakfast

   9:00 am - Closing circle
                   After breakfast we will gather together to integrate all that has been presented.  Sharing our future ambitions and goals, we will support each                     other in moving forward in a new empowered way.

  12:00 pm - Check out and departure to Puerto Natales City.
   7:00 pm - Dinner


↠Day 8: 

   7:00 am -  Breakfast

   8:00 am - Full day tour "Peninsula Farm" (lunch included)

   7:00 pm - Dinner

↠Day 9: 

   7:00 am - Breakfast

   8:00 am - Half day tour "Grey Glaciar Navigation"

   7:00 pm - Dinner

↠Day 10:     

   8:00 am - Breakfast

   9:00 am - Closing circle and farewell

  12:00 pm - Check out & departure 

↠Day 11-12-13:     

   See the extended stay & adventures bellow (optional)


Throughout this event, we will use nature, astrology, kundalini yoga, breath work, chanting, music, and conversation, to reconnect with that vital core within ourselves; our chi, kundalini, life force. 

We will delve into Pluto, the Moon’s Nodes, and the Ascendant for the basic understanding of where we have been and what our purpose is this lifetime.  Adding the house position and aspects of the current Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction to the chart, we will see what aspects of your life are most profoundly being “remodeled,” why, and what the unconscious soul is seeking to evolve through the process.  Kaypacha will be answering the unique questions living within this special group of people as our combined energy will form the “container” for transformation.


Immersed in the midst of the lush Patagonian nature, right on the edge of the Torres del Paine Park and on the banks of the Serrano River, this Rio Serrano lodge + Spa is inviting you to live an experience full of colors, textures, landscapes and a compromise to the sustainability of destiny.

Our comfortable stay offers the perfect setting for relaxing, unwinding and preparing between explorations and full day workshops.


Together as a group, we will get the chance to explore some of the highlights of the Torres del Paine National Park & The Traditional Gaucho culture.

- On our third day and the middle of our Astrology retreat, we will break the routine by going explore on a full day active excursion to the main lookouts and view points inside the Torres del Paine national park.

- After the 6 days Astrology retreat and once we have moved from the reserve to the city, we will enjoy an authentic and unique full day experience at the main Gaucho farm where they will show us the traditional living of the shepherds by taking us horseback riding to some of the main lookouts of the area, then delighting us with a delicious traditional lamb on a stick for lunch and finishing our visit by learning from the shepherd dogs and the sheep shearing.

- On the nineth and penultimate day of our entire trip, we will slow down and navigate through the Gray river frozen waters inside the Torres del Paine national park arriving at the very feet of the great Glaciar Gray to enjoy the view and a delicious glass of whiskey on the rocks! 


All meals are included prepared with delicious, local and fresh ingredients.

Prepare yourself to taste some of the most delicious traditional plates made by expert chefs and with only local and seasonal ingredients. The staff at our accommodation will delight us with a wide range and variety of fresh foods tasting the best flavours of the Chilean local cousine.


Stay and see more of Patagonia with Kaypacha!
We know that some of you would love to make this long and far trip worth and perhaps extended it after our 10 days retreat, so we have put together a short Stay & Adventure package for you to take:

- 3 nights accommodation in Puerto Natales city
- Breakfast included
- 2 full day tours (lunch box included)
- Airport drop off

USD  $1,345

Single room
Double room

(Double bed/ 1 person)

(Double bed or twin/ 2 people)

USD  $999


• 6 nights stay at Rio Serrano Lodge & Spa inside Torres del Paine National Park
• 3 nights stay at Noi Hotels in Puerto Natales city

• Airport pick up/drop off
• All meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks (2 days free lunch)
• Full Astrological workshop led by Kaypacha

• Kundalini Yoga practices led by Kaypacha (all equipment provided)
• Torres del Paine National Park full day excursion (box lunch included)
• Traditional Gaucho farm full day experience (lunch provided)
• Half day Glaciar Grey navigation
• Alma's welcome package & gifts 
• Photo package of your most memorable moments
• All our help, advice and smiles throughout your stay with us !


Rates per person

Single room

(Double bed/ 1 person)

USD  $5,800

Double room

(Double bed or twin/ 2 people)

USD  $4,700

*Let us know if happy to share with other solo traveler


(please read)

NOT INCLUDED: International/Internal airfare, Travel insurance, Visa, passport and taxes fee, Vaccinations fee, Optional activities and personal expenses, Staff tips, Meals and alcohol other than specified above.

NOTE: let us know about any dietary requirements, we are happy to please your preferences.